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Live and work in peace and contentment

There are dormitories in both Lianghu Industrial zone and Hangzhou Bay Shangyu Economic and Technological Development Zone, which are for the employees from other provinces and the local employees who live far away. The dormitories are spacious, comfortable and with all the necessary equipments. For the introduced talents and technicians, the company provides apartments and luxury suites, which help them to attend to their work without having anything to worry about.

Convenient transportation for employees

The company has arranged the buses for taking the employees to the downtown and each facility’s location during working days. During the Chinese New Year, our company collects all the information of the employees’ schedule to return home in advance, and search for the ticket information. For the dedicated employees, the company provides air tickets or train tickets and arranges the buses to send employees to major transportation hub.

Rich Welfare

For all the employees who have been worked for more than three years and Party members, the company offers regular domestic and international travel activities. At the same time, the company also has built up a bicycle team and organized cycling irregularly.

Training and Upgrading

Fenglong pays great attention to employee's professional training and ability promotion, encourages and supports employees to participate in high-level, multi-domain training. We pay great attention to the enhancement of the employees’ individual value together with the enterprise value.

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